The Beautiful Game

Snapcat || Sat 7th April 2018 || New Farm Park 

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

A giant football, a roaming field and a surreal landscape of boulders and cakes: step up Brisbane and play The Beautiful Game.

With a nod to the unruly, medieval origins of the world’s most popular sport, this participatory game by interstate artist duo Snapcat invited women and non-binary people to get fierce and step onto the field. In celebration of the recent victories of Australian women in sport, The Beautiful Game parodied contemporary football’s hyper-masculine aura in a ridiculous game that pits Northsiders against Southsiders. 

Teams were comprised of the Southside Tuffs, named after a colourful rock formation at Kangaroo Point, and the Northside Lamingtons, referencing the invention of the Lamington at Old Government House. 


Review by Courtney Coombs for Art & Australia Online

Article by Faces of BNE

This project was presented as a part of Co-MMotion: Brisbane City Council's Temporary Art Program 2018, produced by people+artist+place. 

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