Star-Crossed Rivers

Naomi Blacklock & Anastasia Booth || Friday 23rd March 2018 || River Quay Green || Southbank

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Contemporary artists, Naomi Blacklock and Anastasia Booth worked with year 10 students from Brisbane State High School to perform a contemporary retelling of the famous Punjab love story 'Sohni Mahiwal'.

'Sohni Mahiwal' is an old tale that centres around Sohni, a heroine who longs to be with her true love who lives across the river. In order to be with him, Sohni crosses the river each night using an earthenware pot to keep her afloat. However, one night her sister-in-law replaces the pot with a vessel of unbaked clay which dissolves in the water and causes Sohni to vanish. 

A tale told through movement, this mesmerising performance spoke to universal notions of love and longing. 


Response by Cieon Hylton

This project was presented as a part of Co-MMotion: Brisbane City Council's Temporary Art Program 2018, produced by people+artist+place. 

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