Single File

Warraba Weatherall & BlakLash Projects || 8th-16th September 2018 || Brisbane River || Kurilpa Point

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Naomi O'Reilly

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Curated by BlakLash Projects, Warraba Weatherall explores notions of buoyancy within the city’s landscape in a public artwork on the Brisbane River.  Strategically placed near the cultural precinct, Weatherall questions the Museum as a disciplinary institution where it’s archives reaffirm the rhetoric of colonialism.  As an institution which retains a large collection of Indigenous artefacts and ancestral human remains, western interpretations render Indigenous cultures as ‘knowable’ and ‘possessable’.  With the intent to raise awareness and encourage a broader dialogue for the need of cultural repatriation, Single file is a temporary artwork trying to turn the tide.  


Round-table with people+artist+place, BlakLash Projects and Warraba Weatherall, published in Un Magazine 12.2 

Why are there Filing Cabinets in the Brisbane River? by Amanda Hayman (Curator)

This project was presented as a part of Co-MMotion: Brisbane City Council's Temporary Art Program 2018, produced by people+artist+place. 

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