BFU Lecture Series

Brisbane Free University || Throughout 2017 || Wandering Cooks || South Brisbane

Aiming to better acquaint the Brisbane public with principles of socially-engaged art, p+a+p's first project has been a lecture series. Partnering with Brisbane Free University, we have been delivering lectures that explore the ideas of, 'temporary art in public space', 'the artist as facilitator', 'the politics of public space'. Aiming to engage a diverse cross-section of the public in dialogue about art in the public realm, each event included a presentation of case studies, artist q&a and then lively community discussion. Wandering Cooks, South Brisbane have generously hosted us for each lecture. 

Lecture One involved a collection of temporary art project case studies and a chat with local artist Caitlin Franzmann


Lecture Two unpacked projects where the artist played the role of 'facilitator' in the delivery of their project and included a Skype discussion with Melbourne artist Zoe Scoglio. Zoe shared a lot about her experience working with the Museum of Contemporary Art's (MCA) C3WEST on Women of Fairfield (2016).

Our third lecture and final lecture discussed the politics of art in public space, and the value of creating situations with friction in the public realm. We concluded with a chat with artist, Amy Spiers, who discussed many of her works and research including No More Public Space, Only Public Order (Water Cannon) (2016) at MONA FOMA festival, Hobart.

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Image Credit: Maneesha Bahuguna