all that remains

Digi Youth Arts || Sunday 20th May 2018 || Captain Burke Park || Kangaroo Point

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

Image Credit: Dave Kan

in a city full of concrete that never misses a beat
do we really understand what is beneath our feet? 

beside a river that shapes us to do what it pleases,
do we really know what to do with all of life’s pieces? 

on a small patch of grass beneath a bridge’s lanes, 
do we really acknowledge we are all that remains? 

Standing on country, surrounded by urban structures Digi Youth Arts showcased what it means to be a young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person living in Brisbane. Through storytelling, visual art projections, film and music the Digi Youth Arts ensemble explored their cultural heritage in a city setting, presenting celebratory works that remind everyone they are still here: always was, always will be.

Digi Youth Arts acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live and work.

This project was presented as a part of Co-MMotion: Brisbane City Council's Temporary Art Program 2018, produced by people+artist+place. 

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